Meet Mitsy

I’ve been playing the sims for almost as long as they’ve been created and I’ve always wanted to tell a story with them, I’ve just never done so. After reading a few sim story blogs (which I’ve provided links to) and enjoying the new sims3 capabilities I’ve decided its time I give it a try too. Throughout the process of this story I’ve tried to let most choices be that of the sims free will but I have not given up complete control. I hope you enjoy the story. (the first few posts might be a bit boring, stick with me they get better)



Meet Mitsy Kedler. Shes a young adult sim who just decided to move out. Her excitable nature took over and she couldn’t wait to get a place to call her own. Now that she’s so far from home, she’ll have to fight her childish nature in order to grow up.

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My Next Blog

School is starting up within the week so I won’t have a ton of time to write stories and keep up with daily posts. Because of this I’ve chosen to write a blog of short stories. Each story will only be a couple of posts and will be completed within a fairly short amount of time. This will allow me to not worry about keeping up with daily posts.

Here’s my new blog: Sunshine on a Rainy Day

I hope you enjoy it.


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Secrets Revealed, Decisions Made

The next morning Leighton left in the early morning as had become routine.

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Cooper’s Party

Before anyone knew it, it was Cooper’s birthday.  Mitsy woke up and started the preparations. She planned to have a big party with all her neighbors and friends. Most of them hadn’t met her baby and she’d been to busy taking care of him to really show him off, this was her chance. While she prepared something for her guests to eat Leighton and Sam tried to have a father and son conversation but they just couldn’t seem to connect.

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The Date

Sam went to work the next morning in the best mood he’d been in for a long time. He whistled while he worked and smiled the whole time. With this change in mood his boss seemed to think Sam deserved a promotion. Of course all his smiling was not because he loves his job but because he was excited about the date he’d have later with Avani. After work he immediately would get ready for his date, but his smile was gone and replaced with a nauseous feeling in his stomach as his nerves kicked in.

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New Posts Expected Tuesday

With finals and semester end I didn’t have any time to write posts. I’m working through the weekend so I can’t post anything now but I am working on the next posts already. You can expect a new post Tuesday.

For those of you who haven’t heard or haven’t guessed already this blog is coming to an end. I’ve calculated how much longer the story has and its maybe going to be 2 or 3 more posts. Don’t worry after this story ends I will present you with a new blog for your entertainment. 🙂


Sam waits patiently by the door waiting for someone to answer it. He has no idea who it might be.


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