The Date

Sam went to work the next morning in the best mood he’d been in for a long time. He whistled while he worked and smiled the whole time. With this change in mood his boss seemed to think Sam deserved a promotion. Of course all his smiling was not because he loves his job but because he was excited about the date he’d have later with Avani. After work he immediately would get ready for his date, but his smile was gone and replaced with a nauseous feeling in his stomach as his nerves kicked in.

Once with Avani the nervous feeling fled his system and replaced with feelings he didn’t know how to describe. He first chose to take her to the Bistro for a nice dinner. With his mind on the date and impressing Avani he raced to the door to hold it open for her.

By time they finished eating dinner it was late and dark out but the Bistro was lit up with beautiful bright lights and they made the place glow. As they walked out of the building Sam noticed how Avani looked in the lighting, like an angel. His heart fluttered, she was amazing.

Sam chose to use a corny pick up line to express his feelings, “You’re parents must have been aliens” She gave him a strange look . “Because you are out of this world!”  In the distance a police officer watched the two with a smile on his face, perhaps thinking of his wife and when he took her to the Bistro for the first time.

At night Sunset Valley seems to glow, a perfect seen for a date. Sam planned to take Avani to a movie and a park but it had already become to late so he chose to take her to a place he knew to be romantic.

The beach. Sam had avoided the spot since his father’s wedding. Looking back he can’t seem to understand why he hated the idea of that wedding, especially now that he enjoyed Mitsy’s company.

Of course he didn’t want to stay at the entrance of the beach, he chose to walk off to a more secluded location. There it would feel more private.

There they chat, and flirted back and forth.

Then they got a little closer.

And then they got a lot closer. Sam took a chance and stole a kiss. Avani was left in shock but then she shocked him.

She kissed him back.

By the end of the night Sam had a girlfriend.


3 Responses to “The Date”

  1. 1 Connor December 15, 2009 at 2:06 pm

    Maybe Leighton & Misty will be getting grandchildren soon? 😀

  2. 2 Shira December 15, 2009 at 4:02 pm

    will he propose?

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