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Emerald Harbour

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Grandma’s Neighbor

So far Leighton has had little to do with Cooper.


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Sam Grows Up

The next morning is Sam’s birthday, and Mitsy insisted he celebrate right away.


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Emotions on the Rise

Mitsy immediately loves on her new bundle of joy, doing the things she thinks are necessary like feeding him.


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A Day at the Spa

With both Leighton and Sam at work Mitsy had to find something to do with her time.


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Homework and Toy Blocks

Back at home Mitsy has finally woken up. Ever since she became pregnant she’s been sleeping more than usual and thats quite a bit. When she wonders downstairs she sees the Sam is struggling with his homework.


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Tori to the Rescue

First I’d like to say that I’m terribly sorry for the delay. I hope this post isn’t too disappointing.

Leighton left early the next morning, telling Mitsy who was still in bed that he was going to work early.


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