Computer Problems Eliminated

Well as everyone may have noticed posts have been far and in between. I added a note to the side of the page explaining why but the problems were a lot worse than I shared. One thing was that my computer plug wouldn’t even register and charge my laptop – annoying. I couldn’t play sims for a while because of it. If I didn’t hold the plug in a certain way and the battery would die and the computer would shut off and then anything I’d have done would be lost. I’ve tried to do simple things on the sims regarding a the shared story that is being worked on (i’ll tell you more about that later) and unless it was a short on and then off again process it was impossible to do anything with the sims. Well I’m here to tell you that these problems are no more! Later today I am buying a new computer and transferring all my information over. Mitsy Kelder’s Tale should have a new post tomorrow and A Klepto’s Legacy will either have one also tomorrow or the following day (depending on the time it takes to gather and edit photos).

2 Responses to “Computer Problems Eliminated”

  1. 1 boldlegacychallenge September 15, 2009 at 2:15 pm

    That’s awesome that you’ll be posting. The same thing happened to my computer, and, although it was a pain to transfer everything, all worked out well. I’m a huge fan of your blog and am so excited to see new posts coming up!

    • 2 Samantha September 15, 2009 at 2:52 pm

      Yeah the transfer of information is why i don’t promise a post by the end of tonight – plus I’ll have to just set up the computer to begin with. I just thought it would be nice to let everyone know I haven’t discontinued the story and it will return soon 🙂

      I do have some pics for the next post already but I want to get some more because all they are about so far is sleeping and then going to work – not much of a post. hopefully with those though i won’t need too many more and I can get back into the rhythm of an everyday schedule.

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